Using pure natural, aromatic Monu products, chosen specially to suit individual skin types.

Deep cleansing facial

45 minutes = £25

Restoring the skins balance. This facial incorporates cleanse, exfoliation, steam, brush cleanse, finishing with a mask chosen specifically for your skin type. Products used are natural and combined with rich essential oils to promote radiant skin.


Aroma facial

1 hour = £30

A luxurious hour, soothing away the day-to-day stresses of modern life. Experience deep cleansing results with products containing lemon and bergamot. Indulge yourself with a neck and shoulder aromatherapy massage, then relax with a restoring mask to finish the treatment.


Active collagen facial

1 hour = £33

Hydrating your skin is the key to restoring elasticity. The collagen mask used helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles increasing the skins ability to retain moisture. Wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40% after 6 treatments.


Active collagen facial with shoulder massage

1 hour = £38


Lymphatic drainage massage face and neck

45 minutes = £25

1 hour = £30

Reduces puffiness and increases circulation.


CACI non-surgical face lift

1 hour and 15 minutes = £53

1 hour = £43

45 minutes = £34

30 minutes = £25

Eye Lift / Jowl Lift = £25

Helps to lift, tone, and re-educate the muscles, softening lines and wrinkles.

University studies have shown that microcurrents can increase Elastin by 45%, Collagen by 10%, and the number of blood vessels by 35%.

Elastin and Collagen keep your skin plump and firm - good blood flow will give you a glow for a more youthful appearance.


Crystal Clear ® Microdermabrasion

A resurfacing treatment using fine crystals to remove dead skin cells. This treatment eliminates blocked pores, wrinkles and scarring to achieve a rejuvenated complexion with a more radiant texture.


Crystal clear deluxe beauty flash with mini-lifting mask

1 hour = £43


Crystal clear

45 minutes = £38


Crystal clear beauty flash

30 minutes = £33


Microdermabrasion combined with non-surgical face lift

1 hour = £43

Clients receive a 10% discount on a course of 10 treatments.