G5 Anti-cellulite treatment 


One of the most effective treatments for reducing cellulite. The G5 massage machine gives a deep mechanical massage that increases blood and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and congested fluids in the skin and subcutaneous fat. Because there is no pinching, pulling or stretching of the skin's surface, it doesn't damage the collagen and elastin layers of the skin or subcutaneous tissue. The G5 massage softens and releases cellulite to give your skin a smoother, toned and more supple look.  A course of 10 treatments is recommended. 

Clients receive a 10% discount on a course of 10 treatments.


Anti-cellulite treatment

45 minutes = £27

An effective treatment which helps the breakdown of toxins in the problem areas. Containing oils of rosemary leaf, lemon oil and liquorice root.  Cellulite is improved with a reduction gel containing green tea to finish the treatment.


Full body exfoliation

45 minutes - 1 hour = £25

Achieve a soft, smooth finish, incorporating an invigorating blend of liquorice root extract and lemon oil scrub, which exfoliates the whole body. A hydrating body lotion is applied, containing oils of mandarin, rose and jasmine.


Dead Sea back cleanse

45 minutes = £25

Originating from the Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan, a place visited for centuries for its health benefits, including 'slowing down skin ageing' and 'repairing damaged tissue'. Exfoliation with Dead Sea salt and aromatic oil is ideal for acneic or sensitive skins. Deep cleanse and remineralise with Dead Sea mud, extraction and moisturiser, to leave the skin healthy and radiant.


Faradic body toning

30 minutes = £28

Using an electronic pulse to reduce unwanted inches by toning and tightening the muscles. A course of 10 treatments is recommended. 

Clients receive a 10% discount on a course of 10 treatments.


Paraffin wax treatment

45 minutes = £25

Beneficial for arthritis of hands and feet (includes massage).


Foot massage

30 minutes = £24

Ideal for tired feet.


Leg massage

30 minutes = £24

Relieves tension build-up.


Back, neck, and shoulder massage

30 minutes = £24

Relaxing massage where you need it most; reducing stress and tension, using natural essential oils.


Full body massage

1 hour = £39

Relax yourself physically and mentally with a deeply moisturising Swedish massage, using natural warming essential oils.


G5 deep tissue massage

30 minutes = £24

Ideal for sports people.